We envision a future, in which all elementary and secondary teachers of mathematics in the Philadelphia area participate regularly in an engaging professional community that involves doing mathematics collaboratively. By doing mathematics collaboratively, we mean tackling authentic problems together. Through this work, we aim to enhance our relationship with mathematics, because we believe, fundamentally, that mathematics is exciting, fun, and relevant, and that it can be pursued for enjoyment both inside and outside of school. In short, we intend to promote the idea that everyone is a mathematician.



Math Discovery

English teachers read and write, music teachers practice and perform, art teachers design and craft. But what do math teachers do? Fill-out worksheets? Calculate tips? File their taxes? We provide a space for K-12 teachers of mathematics to explore and be creative: to get hooked on an idea, experiment, and discover something new!

In short, we provide a space for math teachers to work as mathematicians do! We believe that nurturing our own enthusiasm and curiosity for math will transfer to our students.



We are a group of Philadelphia area math teachers, mathematicians, and education researchers, who have created a welcoming and casual community for K-12 teachers of mathematics. Since 2011, we have held regular workshops for doing authentic problem-solving and exploring mathematical-inquiry practices. We share ideas and support each other in our goal to engage in career-long growth in our understanding of math, learning, and teaching.

One attendee  put it this way: “You all do a really terrific job. Fun math + great food + coming away with improved teaching skills and a positive viewpoint on math = EXCELLENT!”


Fun with Math

No matter what your level of confidence and experience with math, you can enjoy, succeed at, and stretch yourself at our workshops. We work as a team to:

  • Build our problem-solving toolkits
  • Deepen our appreciation of math
  • Understand connections between areas of math
  • See math as creative and fun
  • Collaborate with other teachers while tackling problems
  • Explore math practice standards