Philly Collaboration of Educators at the McCall School

PAMTC leader Josh Taton and SLA-Beeber teacher and PAMTC regular Elizabeth Houwen facilitated a workshop, entitled “Rescue Me! Fire Trucks, the Pythagorean Theorem, and Promoting Problem-Solving Through Technology,” at the Philly Collaboration of Educators at McCall School in Philadelphia. Inspiration for the problem was drawn from a PAMTC monthly workshop, led by our own Josh Sabloff. We had a great turnout of middle grades teachers, who were interested in doing real-world problem solving that involved new ways of looking at distance and using tools, such as GeoGebra to promote investigation. Email us for details on this workshop or to contact the presenters.

Thank you to the wonderful teachers and staff of the McCall School, who had breakfast, coffee, and snacks for us, and whose organization fostered a great day. Thank you to the School District of Philadelphia for supporting such collaboration and knowledge-sharing!

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