Overview. Like you, we want to support students in becoming stronger mathematicians. To help you do so, our resources for teachers are organized into three categories–resources for:

  1. Growing mathematically,
  2. Understanding students’ thinking (including assessment resources), and
  3. Using curriculum and standards (including problems and activities).

Each of these resources have been used by teachers and in classrooms, and each is supported by high-quality educational research. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions about this material!

In addition, we send out a monthly email newsletter, ‘Round the Circle, that describes good problems, classroom tips, and other events and resources. See our Monthly Newsletter page for an archive of these emails.

Finally, if you would like to review specifics of the problems that we do together, follow our News posts and check-out our summaries of Past Workshops. (Handouts from our past workshops are password-protected and distributed to our attendees, so please email us if you would like this information and consider attending our Upcoming Workshops!)

1. Growing mathematically


2. Understanding students’ thinking and assessment


3. Using curriculum and standards; problems and activities